Pub, Bar and Nightclub Accidents

Pub, Bar and Nightclub Accidents

Many people across the UK enjoy a night out in pubs, bars and clubs. The majority of those enjoy their time dancing and socialising, but occasionally an accident happens which can leave the victim injured. Here at Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors we can help you to claim compensation if the incident was not your fault.

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The owners of pubs, bars and nightclubs have the same duty of care to their customers as any other retail premises. This means that customers should be protected from foreseeable injury and harm. There are several clear hazards in pubs, bars and nightclubs that are discussed below.


Slips on spilt drinks, food or broken glass

Spilt drinks and food can be extremely slippery on the wrong floor surface. While it is a commonplace occurrence, premises should have adequate staff and work systems to ensure that spillages are cleaned up quickly and effectively, even when the place is busy. Hazards such as broken glass should be removed, as falling onto broken glass can cause serous injuries. Other common injuries from slips and trips are muscle sprains and broken bones. Compensation can be sought for injuries sustained in this way.

Defective furniture

Furniture used in pubs and clubs should be adequate for the job intended. All too often chairs collapse due to age and defects. They should be regularly checked to prevent people suffering injury. Defective flooring – for example raised carpets/loose tiles – can cause injury through someone tripping and falling.

Poor lighting

Although nightclubs are expected to have low lighting levels, certain areas such as stairs should have adequate lighting to prevent people falling and injuring themselves. Also, due to the light limitations, items such as cables should be completely out of the way to prevent customers accidentally tripping over them.


Due to the abundance of alcohol in pubs, bars and nightclubs, unfortunately fights and assaults are common. If you have been an innocent victim of violence – whether at the hands of a fellow customer or at the hands of a doorman/bouncer – then it is possible to seek criminal assault compensation from the CICA through Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors.

Compensation claims can be complicated which is why you need the experts on your side. Many premises have CCTV which can be used to back up your case if it captures the incident. Also, witness statements of those who saw the accident can also offer crucial support for a compensation claim.

Making a pub, bar or nightclub accident compensation claim

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