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Pub Landlady Sues Brewery after Fall Putting Away Christmas Decorations

A pub landlady, who fell and injured herself whilst trying to put Christmas decorations away in the loft, is reported to be seeking £975,000 in compensation.

Mira Bateman was the tenant and landlady of The Plowden Arms when the accident happened on New Year’s Day several years ago. The pub is located in Henley-on-Thames and owned by brewers W.H. Brakspear & Sons.

Mrs Bateman was attempting to put Christmas decorations back in the loft, using a ladder to get up to the hatch entrance. The ladder was secured to the hatch entrance with a bolt. However, as she was climbing the ladder, the bolt securing it came loose and caused an accident.

The accident knocked her unconscious and she suffered a broken jaw and neck injuries. Two years after the accident, she was still suffering from back pain. She was referred for an MRI scan, which revealed that she had suffered serious spinal nerve damage.

The Daily Mail now reports that she is taking legal action against the brewery, seeking compensation of £975,000. A Judge at the High Court in London is now deciding whether the case should be allowed to go ahead. The brewery’s legal team are denying liability and arguing that Mrs Bateman is out of time, having waited too long to start legal proceedings.

A decision will be made by the Judge at a later date.

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