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Pupil Sues School after Trampolining Accident

A pupil is reported to be suing a school after she was injured in a trampolining accident.

Lisha Lu was attending the Royal Russell School when the incident happened last September. The boarding school in Croydon, charges pupils £10,000 a term for its services.

The accident occurred when the girl was taking part in a PE lesson. This involved the use of a trampoline, which Miss Lu – who now lives back in China – had no experience of using.

The teacher asked her to fall backwards on the apparatus before bouncing back to her feet. She performed this move twice before on the third time she lost her balance, landing on her shoulder and kneeing herself in the left eye.

The injury to her eye caused her to undergo surgery, and she has been left with scarring and occasional double vision. The Croydon Guardian reports that she is now seeking compensation from the school for these injuries.

Her legal team are said to be arguing that the school was negligent because they allegedly asked the girl to carry out moves she was not capable of.

A spokesperson for the school told the paper that they have an excellent safety record, and take the health and safety of pupils, staff and visitors very seriously.

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