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Pupils Injured in School Accidents Receive over £205,000 in Compensation

Children and young people, who have been injured in accidents at school in Leicestershire, have received over £205,000 in compensation, during the last five year period.

A Freedom of Information Request by the Leicester Mercury has revealed that Leicestershire County Council paid out a total of £129,244 in accident compensation, while claims against Leicester City Council, resulted in £75,600 being paid over the same five year period.

Many of the claims were made after pupils either slipped or tripped on school property; however other injuries included burns, trapped fingers and injuries caused by falling objects.

One of the larger payments reported, was awarded to a pupil who was injured in a fall and received £17,647 in damages.

According to the newspaper, Leicester City Council have already paid £12,500 in compensation, during the current academic year, to a pupil who was injured after tripping and falling during a lesson.

A spokesperson from the County Council stated that compensation was only paid when the council was found to be legally liable and a spokesperson for Leicester City Council, pointed out that with around 48,000 pupils attending schools in Leicester every day, accidents occasionally occurred, despite everyone’s best efforts to prevent them.

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