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Railway Worker receives Payout for Hearing Loss

A former railway worker is reported to have received a compensation payout for his work-relater hearing loss.

Denis Mackie worked as a boiler maker for British Rail between 1967 and 1978. His job involved being exposed to loud noise, mainly from the riveting guns that were used as part of the job.

Mr Mackie was not given protection against the noise by his employers, and he went on to develop hearing difficulties. However, he was only told of the cause of his deafness just three years ago.

After staff at Great Western Hospital in Swindon informed him that his former work conditions were the cause, he started an industrial deafness claim, the Swindon Advertiser reports. A basic test can be performed to identify if hearing loss has been caused by noise exposure or simply from the effects of growing older.

The legal team representing British Rail attempted to argue that Mr Mackie was out of time to make a claim and was therefore not due any compensation. However, it was ruled that because Mr Mackie had only recently found out the cause of his hearing problems, his claim would be successful.

The amount of compensation Mr Mackie has received has not been reported.

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