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Rally Driver Loses Claim for Compensation Over Inaccurate Notes

An accomplished rally driver has lost his claim for compensation after he alleged wrong notes caused him to crash.

Raymond Munro was driving his Suburu Impreza on a rally around Clashindarroch Forest in the summer of 2004. The former Scottish rally champion crashed going around a tight bend on the route, and caused several thousands of pounds worth of damage to his specialist car.

He claimed the accident left him with a psychiatric injury (post traumatic stress disorder), which meant that he had to give up his beloved hobby just three months after the crash. He also claimed that the accident damaged his business as he had trouble concentrating after the incident.

Mr Munro made a claim for compensation against the company who provided the route notes for the event, Scotmaps. He claimed that the route maps failed to describe the bend correctly and this led to the accident. The case revolved around the angle of the bend in question. The maps described it as a 40 degree bend with a tight line required, while surveyors found it to be in fact 30 degrees, slightly tighter. The drivers are dependant on the notes as they do not have the time and money to make notes for themselves as happens in bigger rallies.

However, the Judge in the case, Lord Uist ruled against the £2million pounds compensation claim, saying that there was no need for the maps to be mathematically accurate. He added a difference between a 30 degree and a 40 degree bend was well within the range acceptable.

On the Scotmaps website, owner William Sturrock announced his “pleasure” at the decision, adding that it was in the best interests of rallying motor sport.

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