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Rear end collisions on the rise in the UK

In the UK the number of car accidents is going up all of the time, and now Admiral, a popular car insurance company in the UK has just released figures stating that over 400,000 accidents occur every year that involve rear end collisions.

The figures reveal that 1 in 4 of all road traffic accidents, which occur in the UK involve some sort of rear end collision.

For most of these accidents the personal injury compensation claims usually involve whiplash injury claim. Whiplash is the most common type of injury you are likely to get if you have been involved in a rear end collision.

The managing director of Admiral has stated that many of these accidents could be avoided if we left more room between our car and the car in front.

“Where traffic is so slow moving, people tend to get irritated and drive a little too close. By doing this there is a higher chance that they will bump the car in front.”

Whiplash injuries can take quite a while to settle down and can be very painful, you may also be left with some sort of permanent damage as a result of this type injury, so making a personal injury compensation claim is essential.

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