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Receptionist Wins Unfair Dismissal Claim for Sexual Harassment

Receptionist Lizzy Bibby won her unfair dismissal claim at an employment tribunal on Friday. Ms Bibby was forced to leave her job after alleged continuous sexual harassment by her boss Andrew Ferrier. The twenty six year old reported that even during the beginning of her employment with the firm, Mr Ferrier offered to take her to Ann Summers to “kit her out in raunchy lingerie.” In another incident it was alleged Ms Bibby’s bottom was smacked as she was bent over a filing cabinet. After her complaint Mr Ferrier purportedly retorted “it’s your fault for wearing tight trousers.” The receptionist also claimed he would repeatedly ask her about her sex life and try to show her pornography.

Andrew Ferrier, 61, continues to reject the allegations made about him, describing them as “malicious” and “pure fantasy.” However the tribunal ruled in favour of Ms Bibby and her unfair dismissal claim. Libby left her £9 an hour job with Ferrier Hart Thomas after 13 months.

The amount of compensation to be awarded was not decided yesterday, but will be decided at a later date.

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