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Record £6.5 million Criminal Injury Compensation Payout for Woman Shaken as a Baby

A 20 year old woman who suffered severe disability after being shaken as a baby has been awarded £6.5 million in criminal injury compensation.

The woman was attacked by her natural mother when very young and shaken violently. She suffered brain damage, limited mobility and partial blindness after the attack, and requires full-time care for the rest of her life. The compensation claim was made by her adopted parents, who adopted her soon after she was taken from her natural mother.

The adopted father of the girl sadly passed away from lung cancer shortly after the result of the hearing. He had been desperate to live long enough to see the outcome of the case.

The compensation claim was decided by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, who sat at a special hearing in Manchester. The award comprised of £257,000 compensation for the injuries suffered, and £4 million pounds to provide for her round-the-clock care. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority has put a cap on the amount it will pay out in similar cases if they occurred after 1996. That cap is set at £500,000.

A member of the successful legal team for the case announced the pleasure at the result; “She has so many challenging needs, and this decision will now enable the family to buy specialist care.”

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