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Record Payout for Uninsured Driver Accident

Lukasz Borowski, received a UK record payout of £8.35 million pounds for an uninsured driver accident at Newcastle High Court on Tuesday. Mr Borowski, 27, of Pontefract, West Yorkshire suffered severe brain and spinal damage in the accident that took place back in November 2005.

Mr Borowski was a back seat passenger in a car driven by an uninsured driver as it crashed into a ditch during the daily commute. The impact of the collision has led to permanent paralysis from the shoulders down as well as certain cerebral injuries, which have caused problems with memory and concentration.

The scale of the payout reflects the costs of Lukasz’s long-term care. After the decision, he announced he was “very pleased” with the result, adding “It has taken a couple of years, but finally I have got it.”

As the driver of the vehicle was uninsured, The Motor Insurer’s Bureau (MIB) – who protects victims of such cases – worked with Mr Borowski’s legal team to ensure he received appropriate compensation. The client’s lawyer declared “Mr Borowski’s life was changed for ever in an instant as a result of a crash that was not his fault.”

Rozell Sands, who was driving the Peugeot 307 at the time, was convicted of offences relating to the crash in May 2006.

The MIB and a supportive legal team ensure that victims of accidents that involve uninsured drivers still receive the compensation they deserve.

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