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Road Traffic Accident Claims Solicitor Seeks Compensation for Run Over Little Girl

The mother of a young girl run over by a car on her walk home from school is seeking car accident compensation for her daughter with the help of a road traffic accident claims solicitor. Macy Waterman, 9 years old from Beccles, was with a group of pupils on a supervised walk home from Worlingham Middle School. While they were passing a church – where a funeral was also taking place – a car left the road and mounted the pavement, hitting eight of the children and one man mourning at the funeral. The mourner, Richard Calver, bravely pushed some of the school children out of the way of the oncoming car and paid a heavy price as he was trapped underneath the car himself.

Macy was one of the eight children taken to hospital in September 2009, she suffered whiplash and burn injuries. Since the accident, the 9 year old has also been diagnosed with post-traumatic shock. Her mother Victoria describes how Macy β€œis up every night crying, thinking she is being run over.” The driver of the vehicle has had her driving license revoked due to a medical condition, and it was revealed that the police will not be taking any action against her. Mrs Waterman has sought the advice of a road traffic accident claims solicitor in a bid to get compensation for her daughter and the serious injuries she has suffered.

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