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Roadworker Wins Compensation after Damaging Ankle in the Dark

A roadworker has received compensation after damaging their ankle on a dark unlit road.

Dean Ness was working on the night shift for his employers Carillion Plc when the accident happened. He was tasked with putting out cones on an unlit section of the A52 near Derby. The section of road was being closed off, so that maintenance work could be carried out.

As Mr Ness stepped off the maintenance truck he was travelling in, he turned his ankle on the kerb. The kerb was not visible due to the poor lighting conditions.

His ankle swelled up but he continued to go to work. Only after a number of weeks, was it discovered that he had torn ligaments in his ankle. He underwent physiotherapy and surgery, and was unable to work for three months.

The Chesterfield Post reports that he has made a compensation claim against the company for his injuries, and this has just been successful. He will now reportedly receive £8,000 compensation, after the firm admitted liability out of court.

The paper reports that his colleagues had complained about the lack of lighting on the road before the accident took place. Despite this, the company still failed to use temporary lighting.

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