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Ruling Made in Car Crash Court Case

A ruling has been made in an accident involving a car and a schoolboy.

The long running legal battle is in regards to an accident that happened back in July 2002. Alan Dev Paramasivan was just 13 years old when he was struck by a Mercedes car in Leatherhead.

Mr Paramasivan suffered injuries to his leg and head in the impact. These injuries have been described as serious in their nature.

At court last year, it was decided that both Mr Paramasivan and the driver of the Mercedes were 50% responsible for the accident. This meant that he would receive up to £250,000 in compensation for his injuries.

However, this original decision was appealed, and a hearing is reported to have taken place in the Civil Appeal Court in London last week. The Judge ruled different to the original verdict, concluding that Mr Paramasivan was in fact 75% responsible for the accident himself.

The court heard that Mr Paramasivan ran into the road after throwing ice cream at his friend as a prank. The Judge ruled that this was careless and caused the hazard. However, the driver was also ruled partially responsible for failing to respond, albeit in the briefest of moments.

Your Local Guardian reports that the amount of compensation due in the case will be decided at a later date. Mr Paramasivan will receive 25% of what he would have received if the car driver was deemed wholly responsible for the incident.

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