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Runner in Compensation Fight after Road Collapse

A runner is fighting for compensation after he was injured by a defect in the road.

Mick Dempsey was taking his children to school in Colchester when the incident happened in September 2009. He reports to the Daily Gazette that the road crumbled underneath him and he suffered a serious knee injury.

The injury to his left knee was so severe that he has since had to undergo full knee reconstruction surgery. However, some of the damage to his knee is irreparable and he suffers from constant pain.

The accident has left Mr Dempsey unable to partake in his favourite hobby of road running. He tells the paper that he was preparing to run the London Marathon before the accident, regularly running 15 miles a day.

Now, he is reportedly locked in a knee injury compensation battle with Essex County Council. They have initially denied his claim, stating that the road is inspected for defects every two months, fulfilling their legal requirements. A spokesperson for Essex County Council told the paper that it has a responsibility to protect public finds in the event that it has taken all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of the highway.

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