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Salad Company Prosecuted after Worker Falls through Greenhouse

A salad company has been prosecuted after a worker fell through a greenhouse roof.

The accident happened to an unnamed 44 year old, who was working for Hedon Salads Ltd at the time of the accident in August 2010. He was one of a team of employees who had been tasked with working on the gutters of 20 large greenhouses at the company’s premises.

The gutters needed cleaning and repainting, and it was whilst painting one of these gutters that the accident happened. The man accidentally lost his footing and his right foot went through the greenhouse glass. This caused him to fall completely through the roof and land on the floor four metres below.

The unnamed man broke his wrist in the fall and also suffered damage to his head that required 20 staples to treat.

The Health and Safety Executive immediately issued the firm with a Prohibition Notice after the accident. This stopped further work from being undertaken on the roof until safety measures had been put in place to protect the workers from falls.

The HSE also decided to prosecute the firm for breaking work at height regulations in regards to the accident. This was because the workers were not provided with safety equipment or given instructions for the work. The company pleaded guilty and were fined £12,500 at Hull Magistrates’ Court this week.

A HSE inspector stated that the accident to the unnamed man could have been easily prevented by providing safety equipment such as a light-weight walking frame.

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