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Scaffolding Safety Drive Under Way in the West Midlands

A safety drive is under way in an effort to reduce the number of worker injuries caused by scaffolding accidents.

The Health and Safety Executive has announced that during the next three weeks, construction sites in Worcestershire, Warwickshire and the West Midlands will be targeted for inspection.

HSE inspectors will be looking closely at many small construction sites in the areas that are using scaffolding for work at height. They will look into whether the scaffolding is safely installed and used correctly. They will also look at whether or not the work has been planned correctly and that safety measures are in place to prevent workers from suffering injury in an accident.

In the last five years, 250 workers have been injured in scaffolding accidents in the targeted region alone. Some of these injuries will result in scaffolding accident claims being made, by workers who are struggling financially as a result of their injuries.

A spokesperson for the HSE announced that where poor scaffolding is found to be putting workers at risk, they will take the appropriate enforcement action. This could take the form of a Notice to stop all work immediately.

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