School and Nursery Accident Claims

Children at play, school and nursery accident claimsAccidents at schools and nurseries are common. Most are simply caused by a child’s natural exuberance and cause no more injury than a few tears. Unfortunately though, more serious accidents happen. These are rarely caused by the youngster’s energy but more likely by the negligence and mistakes of the school involved. In such incidences, a school accident claim could be possible. We all appreciate the work of the education professionals but if your child has been hurt in a nursery or school accident, it can bring financial implications to you. This can come from having to take time of work to care for your child or having to pay for care and treatment for their injuries. Nursery accident claims can go some way to recompense you and your child for the suffering involved.

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Schools and nurseries have a responsibility to ensure the safety of our children when they are in their care. If they fail in their responsibility then this is negligence on their part, and means it is possible to claim accident at school compensation. Schools and nurseries are required to ensure that there are sufficient staff numbers to supervise the children, as well as ensure that staff are fully trained. They must also ensure that all equipment and playing/learning areas are safe for children to use. If your child has had an accident at a school or nursery, you should ensure that the incident was reported to a teacher or similar member of staff. They in turn should record the details of the accident in an accident book. This record can be important in school accident claims.

There are many different grounds for school and nursery accident claims, some of which are listed below:

  • Slipping or tripping on poor surfaces
  • Injuries from defective equipment
  • Gym and sports accidents
  • Food poisoning

Slipping or tripping – Floors should be kept clean and dry (or wet floors given warning signs) to prevent slipping injuries. Outside surfaces such as playgrounds should be free of potentially dangerous potholes and defects.

Defective equipment – All equipment should be maintained to ensure it is fit for use. This includes chairs, tables and sports equipment. Even defective large toys can instigate nursery accident claims.

Sporting accidents – Sporting activities should be correctly supervised and children taught to use any equipment safely and correctly.

Food poisoning – Correct hygiene standards must be maintained in school cafeterias to ensure safe food for children.


Accidents at school compensation

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