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Schoolboy Awarded £5.5 Million Birth Injury Compensation

A Yorkshire schoolboy has been awarded over £5 million in compensation, after delays during his birth left him with devastating brain injuries.

Thirteen year old Nathan Popple, who was born in Birmingham but now resides in Leeds with his devoted mother Beryl, was starved of oxygen during his delivery at the Birmingham Women’s Hospital.

The Birmingham Mail is reporting that Nathan now suffers with cerebral palsy, has very limited mobility and cannot speak or feed him-self and requires round the clock care.

He was awarded £5.5 in birth injury compensation at the High Court, which will consist of an initial lump sum of £2,105,000 and index linked annual payments starting at £148,000 and rising to £173,000 per year when he reaches nineteen year of age.

The Court was told that Nathan was ‘white and floppy’ when he was first born and did not take his first breath until ten minutes after delivery. The Judge stated that midwives failed to monitor his foetal heart beat and his mother’s contractions, because they wrongly believed birth was imminent.

Speaking after the court hearing Nathan’s father Stephen stated that as well as paying for his future care and support, the family would be able to purchase specialised computer equipment, which will help Nathan with his studies and allow him to fulfil his dreams of going to university.

A spokesperson for Birmingham Women’s Hospital stated that they were disappointed with the Courts decision and plan to launch an appeal.

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