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Schoolgirl to Claim Compensation after Falling from Obstacle Course

The parents of an eleven year old schoolgirl, who broke her arm just a few days after having a plaster cast removed from a previous break, are to sue the school concerned for negligence.

Hannah Staples, of Stoneleigh Park Road, in Stoneleigh, was instructed to complete an obstacle course by a teacher at the Nonsuch Primary School, despite her parents informing the school that she should be excused physical activity after recently recovering from a broken arm.

Her parents Susan and Graham Staples, told the Surrey Comet newspaper that they had explained to teachers at the school, that doctors had advised Hannah not to take part in any physical activities for at least seven weeks, after just having her full arm cast removed.

However, Hannah’s arm was broken again after she fell while attempting to complete the obstacle course, introduced by the school as part of its ‘health week’.

The family have now launched a claim for compensation, claiming that the school breached their duty of care by allowing Hannah to take part in a high risk activity, which was not appropriate for a girl just recovered from a broken arm.

It is understood that Sutton Council are to contest the claim, on the grounds that the school did not receive written instruction from the girl’s parents, excusing her from all physical education.

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