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Scottish MP Receives Support for Bill Speeding up Fatal Accident Compensation Payouts

Scottish Labour MP, Bill Butler, is on a mission to revise compensation laws for victims of accidental death. He is intent on speeding up fatal accident compensation payouts to the families of victims of industrial diseases, accidents and workplace accidents. The proposed bill is based on the recommendations of the Scottish Law Commission who undertook a review of the compensation laws in 2008. The proposed changes would eliminate the need for a court room hearing in cases where liability has already been admitted. This would greatly speed up payments to victim’s families, and therefore the bill has received cross-party support.

Supporters of the bill, including the Clydebank Asbestos Group, have pleaded with MSPs of all parties to put their support behind the bill. So far a total of 34 MSPs have done just that and the bill will now move forward to be debated by the Scottish parliament in Holyrood. Mr Butler announced his “delight” that “colleagues from across the chamber have united behind these proposals.”

The bill would make a huge difference to the families of victims in Scotland who at the present time have to suffer distressing and time-consuming court proceedings to get the justice and accident compensation that they are entitled too.

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