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Scottish Police Force’s Car Accident Compensation Bill

Police forces in Scotland are paying out thousands of pounds in car accident compensation every year to those injured by their drivers.

Scottish forces have made to release figures for the amount of compensation they have paid out to victims of collisions with police vehicles from January 2008. Due to the often prolonged nature of injury claims, there have been no injury payouts so far for incidents that happened after April 2009.

The largest force in Scotland, Strathclyde Police, paid out £255,744 in claims during the said period. However, this figure includes the claims paid for vehicle repairs that constitute the bulk of the figure. Strathclyde force refused to break down the figure into further detail due to time constraints.

Lothian and Borders Police however admitted that they have spent nearly £12,000 alone on claims to people who suffered personal injury as a result of a road accident where the police were at fault. Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary reported that they paid out a similar figure.

It is worth remembering that the compensation payouts are paid by the insurers of the relevant forces rather than the force itself. In all cases included in these figures, the Police admitted liability or were proved to be at fault. Therefore, the third parties involved in these cases were fully entitled to receive the correct car accident compensation amount.

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