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Scout Leader who broke his back on Assault Course wins £170k Compensation

A Hampshire scout leader who broke his back sliding down a fireman’s pole, at an assault course in Wales has been awarded £170,000 in compensation.

Forty nine year old Robert Wilson, from Whitehill, near Bordon, was with his scout troop at the Clyne Farm Centre, near Swansea, where they were attempting the Challenge Valley assault course.

When they reached the ‘Burma Bridge’ obstacle, Mr. Wilson was required to slide down a ten foot high fireman’s pole; despite having reservations about the descent, he was reassured by an instructor and began to slide down the pole.

Unfortunately the scout leader careered down the pole too quickly and landed on his bottom at the base of the obstacle, fracturing a vertebra in his spine.

He was airlifted to hospital by helicopter, where he underwent major surgery for his injuries, which has affected his ability to look after his disabled wife and continue his work as a taxi driver.

Mr. Wilson launched a claim for personal injury compensation against the Clyne Farm Centre, claiming that he had not received proper instruction on how to descend the pole safely in the wet conditions.

He was awarded £170,000 in damages, following a High Court hearing, to cover his loss of earnings and for the pain and suffering caused by his accident.

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