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September the “Deadliest Month” for Fork-Lift Truck Accidents

Statistics show that fatal accidents involving fork-lift trucks are more likely this month than at any other time of the year.

Fork lift truck accidents (FLT’s) contribute to a large proportion of incidents in a warehouse environment throughout the year, with the figures rising to their highest during the month of September.

Solicitors have blamed the rise on people returning from their holidays and lacking the same concentration levels as they do through the rest of the year.

400 workers annually are seriously injured in accidents involving fork lift trucks, with around 10 fatalities. However, stats demonstrate that the monthly fatalities figure for FTA’s has doubled in the month of September year after year.

Warehouse staff are advised to be extra vigilant and remember their health and safety regulations over the course of this month.

The second National Fork Lift Safety Week, run by the Fork Lift Truck Association, takes place between the 21st and 27th of September. It aims to raise awareness of the dangers that fork lift trucks impose in the workplace.

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