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Serious NHS Blunders Revealed

Serious blunders that happened to patients in the NHS during 2011/12 have been revealed.

New figures released by the Government reveal the number of ‘never events’ that happened in the NHS. A never event is described by the Department of Health, as a preventable incident so serious that it never should happen.

The new figures reveal that 326 of these ‘never events’ happened during the 2011/12 reporting period.

Shockingly, 70 people underwent surgery and had the wrong part of their body operated on. On top of this, 161 people had foreign objects left inside them after an operation. Such objects include swabs and forceps for example. Other noticeable events saw 41 patients given the wrong implant or prosthesis.

Such incidents are entirely preventable by following the surgical safety checklist. Patients who have suffered from these blunders often go on to make compensation claims against the NHS.

The Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt stated that the vast majority of NHS patients receive excellent care. However, he also stressed that the NHS needed to do more to tackle these never events.

The Health Secretary also confirmed that the NHS Commissioning Board is setting up a task force to help eradicate never events from NHS surgery.

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