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Seven Million Pound Accident Compensation Claim Victory for Drink-Driver Victim

A man has won his multi million pound accident compensation claim after being knocked down by a drunk driver.

Christian Ward was walking down the pavement in Woking when he was hit by a car which had mounted the pavement. The car was being driven by Daniel Harding, who had taken his father’s car without permission. He did not hold a driving license and was over the legal alcohol limit. Mr Harding was later convicted of aggravated vehicle taking, driving without a license and driving under the influence.

Christian Ward suffered horrific injuries in the accident which have completely changed his life for ever. He suffered severe brain damage and numerous broken bones. He needs a substantial level of care on a daily basis. It was thought that his injuries would mean that he would be required to live in a care home for the rest of his life, but the support and care of his parents has meant that recently he has been able to move back in with them.

The accident happened back in 1997, but legal arguments have seen the case drag on for 13 years. This happened despite the fact that the insurance company involved admitted liability soon after the incident. However, last week a settlement was reached. The compensation awarded was a lump sum of £3,095,000 (£1,606,930) has already been received in interim payments) with annual payments of £155,000 to pay for ongoing care for the rest of his life. The judge also deemed it necessary to award Mr Ward’s parents £60,000 out of the settlement as compensation for the extensive care they have already afforded their son.

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