shoulder injury claims

Shoulder injury claims

Shoulder injury compensation claimsThere are three essential parts of your shoulder which can be injured in an accident for which you can make a shoulder injury claims, these include:

A shoulder injury claim for compensation describes the shoulder muscles, nerves and bones that can be injured in an accident. The most common types of accident which give rise to a shoulder injury claim is the main bone which is known as your “shoulder blade. The shoulder joint includes two other bones – one in your upper arm called the humerus and the other being your collar bone known as the clavicle.

Your shoulder can be injured in many different types of accident, but some of the most common include:


Car accident, RTA’s

Car crashes can lead to extreme forces passing through your body, as your spine is whipped forwards and backwards by the force of your head as your upper body is restrained by a seatbelt.

A condition known as whiplash can develop, which affects your neck, cervical spine and your shoulders.

Signs of whiplash include stiffness in the shoulders and neck as well as tingling in the hands. At Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors we have vast experience in dealing with all types of claims for injury compensation. We can provide you with one of our top UK shoulder injury specialist lawyers.  They have helped many people before and know exactly the best course of action to get you the compensation package you are entitled too.


Lifting and loading work injury claims

Manual handling in the workplace invariably puts a lot of pressure on the shoulder. Heavy loads and repetitive lifting can lead to injury to the muscles and tendons.


Slip, trip and fall accidents

In all of these types of accidents – whether it be a pavement trip, a slip in a supermarket or a fall whilst on holiday – it is a natural instinct to protect your fall using your arms. As you crash to the floor -your shoulder will take the full weight of your body, which can lead to broken bones, a torn ligament or a dislocated joint. If you have suffered a shoulder injury following an accident, which is considered the “legal responsibility” or “legal fault” of another you should be able to claim shoulder injury compensation which can include: pain and suffering for the physical injury itself and financial losses which follow as a direct result of your injury.

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