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Skin Condition Leads to Successful Compensation Claim

A man has made a successful compensation claim after exposure to harmful materials led to a skin condition.

Paul Eames worked in a factory in Swadlincote, when he developed dermatitis. His job involved being exposed to potentially harmful epoxy resins.

He first started to feel symptoms of the skin condition back in 2005. The skin on his arm became inflamed, swollen and painful. The condition kept him off work for a while, and when he returned, the company he worked for – Hepworth Building Products – moved him to a different job away from the epoxy resins.

Despite filling in an occupational health form that detailed his skin condition, in April 2009 he was moved back to a job where he came into contact with the epoxy resin. He soon developed serious symptoms again. His arms became swollen and he developed blisters on his skin. Again he was moved from the job, but he was still based in the department where the material was used.

The Burton Mail reports that he was only then moved to a position away from the material after he had asked solicitors to look into making a skin disease claim for compensation. The paper reports that his legal team argued that the company should have done more to protect him from the harmful epoxy resin.

Although the company has not admitted liability for his skin condition, they have reportedly settled the claim and paid Mr Eames compensation of £5,000.

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