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Slip and Trips most common work accident compensation claim

Slips trips and falls are the most common work accident compensation claims and make up around 36% of injuries.

Accidents at work are made up from tripping over wires, falling from heights as well as other injuries sustained when incorrectly handling, lifting and carrying objects and also being hit by moving items such as vehicles or falling objects.

During 2009 the economy in the UK saw 4.7 million days lost because of accidents at work.

Employees were forced to take time off from work to seek medical treatment or in some case unable to work at all due to a work related injury. This means loss of earnings for the time the employee’s are off work and in some cases where the injuries were very severe, employees were unable to return to work.

You may be entitled to claim for compensation if you ever sustain an injury from an accident at work. When you claim for compensation this will include any payout for injuries sustained in the accident and any loss of earnings you may have incurred whilst you were unable to work.

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