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Slip on Pallet Results in £30k Compensation Claim

A slip on a pallet has resulted in a woman making a successful compensation claim for £30,000.

The accident happened to Katrin Weiss, whilst she was working as an operation manager last year. She had been asked by bosses at window frame and door manufacturer, Bereco Ltd, to cover for an ill colleague and ensure that a delivery was correctly dispatched.

Several pallets had already been loaded onto the delivery lorry but Katrin had to reach some remaining door handles. To do this she had to climb over a pallet that was covered by a large sheet of plywood. The plywood was larger than the frame of the pallet and when she stepped on the edge of the board, it gave way and she tumbled to the ground.

She tore ligaments in one of her ankles and badly twisted the other. She was rushed to hospital and later had to undergo a series of operations to insert metal screw in an effort to help the damage heal. The injury kept her off work for over a year and has left her with a five inch scar on her ankle.

Now, The Star reports that she has received compensation of £30,000 after making a claim for her injuries.

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