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Slips, Trips and Falls cost Council over £3m in Compensation

Over the last three years Bradford Council has paid out £3.3 million in compensation, to people injured in slip, trip or fall accidents on the city’s roads and pavements.

The figures published in the Bradford Telegraph and Argus, reveal that 241 successful claims were made against the council during the period 2009 to 2012 and show a steady increase in the amount of compensation paid, year on year.

The annual figures which run from October to the following September, show that £819,359 was paid in 2009-2010, rising to £1,013,452 the following year and culminating in £1,306,055 being paid this year.

The largest single amount paid to an individual was for more than £282,000, closely followed by a complicated claim dating back to 2003, which was only settled in July of this year and resulted in the claimant receiving almost £200,000 in compensation.

In every year pavement trips accounted for the majority of successful claims, which cost the council a total of £1,823,938 in compensation.

The actual number of claims against the council has shown a fall during the last year, with the council’s principle engineer, attributing this to a robust schedule for inspecting and repairing the districts highways.

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