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Slips, Trips and Fall’s cost Councils almost £1m in Compensation

Norfolk county and Norwich city councils, have paid out £938,236 in the last twelve month period, to people injured in slip, trip and fall accidents.

The Norwich Evening News is reporting that sixty seven successful claims were made against the two authorites during 2011/2012, however the actual amount paid in compensation also accounts for accidents which happened over the last five year period but have only just been settled.

Many of the cases related to accidents involving roads and pavements in the care of Norwich City Council, including a jogger who received £5,750 in compensation after tripping over a pothole and suffering an ankle injury.

Another £4,250 was paid after a member of the public tripped over a paving slab and injured a knee and a pedestrian who walked into a low hanging sign, which was protruding onto a footpath was paid £650.

The largest single amount paid to an individual was for £63,633 after a Great Yarmouth resident tripped over a crack in the pavement and suffered serious rib fractures.

A councillor from Norwich Nelson county council, stated that paying out almost a million pounds on injury claims suggested that the way roads and pavements are maintained needed to be looked at again.

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