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Soldier awarded £22,000 injury compensation for racial abuse

A solider who was racially abused whist serving with the Welsh Guard has been awarded £22,000 in damages injury compensation.

Private Kerry Hylton, an army chef who originates from Jamaica became a victim of a Lance Corporal colleague’s racist taunts whilst on duty near Buckingham Palace.

His award works out as a year’s full pay after he left his role back in March 2008 following five years of service with the Royal Logistics Corps.

Pte Hylton made claims that fellow officers locked him and his family in the army quarters by super gluing their door shut. The distress led to him, his wife and two children moving out of their home.

In this case Pte Hylton made accusations that the lance corporal saw him and another Jamaican man and asked: ‘Is this kitchen becoming a black kitchen?’

Pte Hylton was alleged he was racially abused by the same soldier again whilst on exercise in Wales. He also claimed he was arrested and punched by the Royal Military Police when he made a complaint.

£22,202 injury compensation was finally awarded by the Ministry of Defence – £18,500 for injury to feelings, £1,500 for aggravated damages and £2,202 in interest.

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