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Soldier trio killed in fatal car accident

Three soldiers have died following a single car accident in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

The car was travelling at more than 90mph down a single carriageway road when it mounted a grass verge and crashed through a wall. The collision resulted in the instantaneous deaths of the trio.

Two of the soldiers; Cpl Daniel Ginty and Cpl James Luton were on their way to a night out after watching the Wales rugby game at their barracks. They were being given a lift by the third soldier, L/Cpl Christopher Beckett who was due on duty within half an hour.

The silver Skoda Fabia which L/Cpl Beckett was driving was found 12 hours after the crash, 37 metres away from where it left the road.

When looking into the cause of the accident, police found no defects on the car and there was no trace of alcohol in L/Cpl Beckett’s blood.

Cpl Ginty and L/Cpl Beckett died of head injuries, whilst Cpl Luton died of a spinal injury.

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