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Soldiers Wounded in Battle Set for Rise in Military Accident Compensation

Soldiers injured in battle on the front lines of Iraq and Afghanistan are set to see a rise in the amount of military accident compensation awarded under plans set to be announced today. The Secretary for Defence, Bob Ainsworth, announced during the summer of 2009 that he was set to review the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme and his findings are due to be made public this afternoon.

The scheme was founded in 2005 to provide servicemen injured in battle for their country with military accident compensation to help them through their injuries. The changes that are thought to be introduced will apply retrospectively to this time and will see the amount of compensation awarded rise to take into account lost earnings and promotions that may have been lost due to the injuries.

This comes months after the Ministry of Defence challenged increases in two servicemen’s compensation at The Court of Appeal. Corporal Anthony Duncan was one of the two servicemen, and had his original award of £9,250 for being shot in Iraq upped to £46,000 by the tribunal.

The changes to the system expected today, looks set to make the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme fairer to our military personnel, giving them the types of compensation amounts they are entitled to.

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