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Solicitor’s who conned compensation claim money from ill miners lose back to work appeal

Two solicitors who conned thousands of sick miners out of a percentage of their compensation claim awards have lost their appeal to start working again.

Jim Beresford and his colleague Douglas Smith – both partners of the Beresford’s law firm, were struck off last year after charging legal fees to 97,000 miners who were ill with industrial diseases such as vibration white finger and lung diseases.

It’s believed the pair made over £115million from those who were desperately in need of the cash. This was when they had already been given £136million of government money to help them win industrial disease victim’s claims.

One particular claimant had nearly £5000 of his £18,500 compensation taken from him – a fee of well over 25%.

Mr Beresford is already widely considered the country’s highest earning solicitor – owning a luxury home in Yorkshire as well as a £1.8million private jet and cars including Aston Martins and Ferraris.

After being found guilty of eight out of 11 charges of misconduct back in April and were ordered to repay compensation claim money they had taken illegally.

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