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Son Seeks Personal Injury Compensation from his Mum for Letting his Dad Beat Him

A man is taking his own mother to court seeking personal injury compensation from her for letting his dad beat him as a child.

The 32 year old has launched the legal action against his 67 year old mother claiming she failed in her duty of care to her child to protect him from safety. He claims she was negligent in her role as a parent for letting the beatings continue. Two of his younger siblings have already been successful in claims against their father.

The man grew up in West London and recounts how his “bully” of a father would beat him up to 10 times a day. From the age of 5 to 19 he claims that his father would find any excuse to attack him using instruments such as belts, hairbrushes and electrical cable to administer pain. He also claims that his mother would infrequently hit him too when she lost her temper, although these occasions were rare and not as severe as attacks by his father.

The man blames his mother for continuing to allow his father to live in the home with them and not divorce him or seek an injunction. He claims the treatment led to problems with his education, his ability to form relationships in later life and his ability to hold down employment. His mother meanwhile denies liability, claiming her son is exaggerating and that his action falls out of the legal timeframe for bringing a case.

The son is seeking £50,000 compensation for the pain and suffering he went through as a child, and is also seeking an additional £7,800 to cover the cost of treatment he has undergone for psychological problems caused by his traumatic childhood.

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