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Son Sues NHS for Clinical Negligence Compensation after Doctors Missed 92 Year Old Mums Heart Problems

A man is suing the NHS for clinical negligence compensation after doctors failed to diagnose his elderly mother’s heart problems.

Evelyn Jones had been taken to Coventry University Hospital in December as she was having difficulty breathing. The first Doctor seeing to her diagnosed her with a chest infection but insisted she have tests on her heart. These test showed up abnormalities and more were ordered. Unfortunately the Doctor’s shift ended before the second set of results were ready. A junior Doctor then examined Evelyn and discharged her. An inquest has discovered that Evelyn had actually suffered a heart attack and was leaking blood from the heart.

Evelyn collapsed in her son’s car seat just three minutes from the hospital on the way home. He rung 999 and was told to perform CPR on the pavement. Unfortunately she passed away at the roadside.

Her son is now suing for negligence. He claims she was clearly distressed and seriously ill when she was discharged, and should have been kept in for observation. The Doctor who ordered the heart tests has stated that if he had seen the results he would have kept Evelyn in hospital. The medical director of Coventry University Hospital has expressed his condolences to Mr Jones but stated his belief that keeping Evelyn in hospital, unfortunately would not have changed the outcome.

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