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Southend Hospital Pays out Compensation Claims for Swabs Left Inside Patients

Southend Hospital has paid out thousands of pounds in compensation claims after surgical swabs were left inside patients during operations.

£30,000 was paid to the family of 79 year old Iris Cole, who sadly passed away after a swab was left inside her. She had undergone surgery for appendicitis at the hospital in 2007. The following year, she was readmitted with pains and fever and an x-ray revealed the left behind swab. Further surgery was then required to remove it, and unfortunately Iris never fully recovered and passed away in 2009. Her devoted husband Albert, died just a week after burying his wife.

An out of court compensation settlement has been confirmed by the Hospital. It comprised of £15,000 in compensation, and £15,000 in costs.

In another case at the same Southend hospital, Nina Turner discovered a surgical swab left in her body. It had been left there after the birth of her daughter. She was awarded £1,000 in compensation after another out-of-court settlement. The compensation covers the stress and discomfort caused by the negligence of the Hospital. These cases are two of three compensation claims brought by people with surgical swabs left inside them.

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