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Spanish Actress and the £39,000 Personal Accident Compensation for Falling in Jeremy Irons Hotel Suite

When Spanish actress Loles Leon returned to Jeremy Irons hotel suite for ‘one last drink’ after they had met on a TV show in 1999, she certainly did not expect to end the night with injuries which would cause her to spend the next 36 days in hospital. Ms Leon from Barcelona fell down a flight of steps (18 in total) at the suite after the lights failed to work. She suffered a broken pelvis and wrist and reported to Spanish newspaper 20 Minutos she felt that “she could have died.”
Ms Leon has spent the last ten years in legal battles to try and get the personal accident compensation she was entitled to. Describing the accident Ms Leon said, “There was a staircase, I went to turn the light on and I fell. I went flying. Everyone was screaming, including me. Jeremy Irons ran to reception to tell them to bring a torch to see what had happened.” She also described her reasons for going to the suite, adding that she wanted to brag to her girlfriends that she “had spent the night with Jeremy Irons.”
The personal accident certainly made it impossible for her to complete any plans that she had for that night. The £39,000 compensation received from the hotel covers loss of work and physiotherapy costs associated with the accident.
Mr Jeremy Irons continually dismisses suggestions that he has ever been unfaithful to his wife, fellow actress Sinead Cusack.

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