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Stage Worker Injured after Moving Heavy Scenery Seeks £40,000 Compensation

An employee of the Royal Lyceum Theatre is seeking £40,000 personal injury compensation, after injuring his back while moving heavy scenery.

Forty years old Dan Travis a deputy stage manager at the theatre, sustained a double disc prolapse in his spine, after attempting to move a piece of stage scenery weighing fifty five kilo’s.

He has now launched a claim for personal injury compensation against the theatre, alleging that the scenery was not routinely weighed, which would have enabled an adequate risk assessment of the lifting procedure.

A representative from Mr. Travis’ legal team stated that the section of scenery, which was one of four pieces that made up a circular piece of stage furniture, was constructed from 18mm thick Perspex and because of its shape could not easily be handled.

Mr. Travis added that as he attempted to move the scenery, with the help of a colleague, he felt ever increasing back pain which resulted in the back injury and forced him to take five months off work.

Lawyers for the theatre have contested that the amount of damages being claimed is ‘excessive’.

A spokesperson for the Royal Lyceum stated that as the case was ongoing it was not possible to comment.

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