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Steel worked injured in accident at work

A Cardiff based steel firm have been fined after worker suffered serious burns from a 33,000 volt electric shock.

Henry Truszkowski, a 51 year old electrician from South Wales suffered serious burns in an accident at work.

Mr Truszkowski was working for Celsa Manufacturing (UK) Ltd when his accident at work occurred. His job entailed cleaning conductors and circuit breaker units as routine maintenance in the control room at the city plant.

The room he was working in would have normally been properly isolated during maintenance to prevent the re-energising of the conductors. In this unfortunate set of circumstances this had not been done and the electrician received a huge shock when he touched the exposed and live conductors.

It is said that he received a 33,000 volt electric shock which caused him severe burns and meant he had to spend a number of weeks in hospital.

Celsa Manufacturing (UK) Ltd were found liable for the accident at work, after they admitted to failing to properly secure the high voltage conductors and failing to ensure employees were adequately protected from coming into contact with the electrical conductors.

The firm have been fined £80,000 and are being made to pay £16,600 in legal costs.

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