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Supermarket Worker Wins Accident Compensation after Being Hit by Mobility Scooter

A supermarket worker who was hit by a disabled woman driving a mobility scooter has been awarded £6,000 in accident compensation.

Denise Bird injured her knee in the incident in Morrisons supermarket in Rhyl at the end of 2005. Denise was stacking shelves when a mobility scooter driven by 61 year old Gloria Brown shunted into a flatbed trolley which in turn crashed into the supermarket workers’ knee. Ms Bird successfully proved that Mrs Brown had been driving too fast and not looking for hazards carefully enough. Mrs Brown however claims she was hit from behind by one of Morrisons own mobility scooters which forced her to hit the flatbed trolley. This claim was rejected in court.

Currently there is no legal requirement to have insurance on mobility scooters like there is with road vehicles. This means that if the scooter is not insured and causes injury to someone, then the scooter driver will be responsible for compensation payments rather the insurance company. The court has ordered Mrs Brown to pay £5,628 accident compensation to Ms Bird after she was found to be driving negligently. She was also found responsible for paying legal costs of £7,169. Mrs Brown has reported that she cannot afford to pay that amount of money and has put her home up for sale.

Next month a hearing at Rhyl County Court is set to discuss Mrs Brown’s bill.

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