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Surgeon Cuts off Man’s Testicle by Mistake

A locum surgeon is facing a misconduct charge after he removed a man’s testicle by mistake.

Dr Sulieman Al Hourani was working at Fairfield General Hospital in the Greater Manchester area at the time of the incident. The patient – who has not been named – was under the knife to have a cyst removed. However, as the nurse helping the locum surgeon turned her back to pick up a stitch, Dr Al Hourani removed the whole right testicle by mistake. She immediately realised the seriousness of the mistake and took steps to complete appropriate documents.

The Surgeon in question is now practising in Jordan where he also qualified as a Doctor. He was dismissed from his post at Fairfield General a month after the incident for stealing two boxes of the drug dihydrocodeine. In a previous incident Dr Al Hourani had injected himself with a drug meant for a patient. Instructed to administer 10 mg of a powerful sedative, he gave the patient 8 mg while injecting the other 2 mg into himself. He was later found deeply asleep in the mess room.

A hearing of the General Medical Council is underway into the surgical mistake made by Dr Al Hourani. He has chosen not to attend the hearing. His employer – Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust – is likely to face a compensation claim from the patient in relation to the surgical error.

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