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Surgeon’s Incompetence Costs £1,000,000 Clinical Negligence Claim Payouts

A surgeon who performed a series of botched operations has run up costs of £1,000,000 in clinical negligence claim payouts. Puvaneswary Markandoo who worked at Barnsley hospital has had over 30 complaints made against her, all by women over the age of 30 criticising the standard of her surgical procedures. One patient, Anne Bassett had her compensation awarded after Ms Markandoo left her a “physical mess” after reconstructive surgery at the hands of Ms Markandoo following breast cancer in 2004. Ms Basset frequently had to return to the hospital for further operations due to mistakes being made. On one occasion she had to revisit because the stitches had begun leaking and burst open.

Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has already paid out £678,245 between 19 of the complainants. It has recently been revealed that a further three cases have been settled at a cost of more than £100,000 each, putting the total compensation figure so far at £948,054. This figure looks set to rise as it has been made known that there are still up to three outstanding clinical negligence claim cases against Ms Markandoo. The surgeon – who was earning £122,000 per annum at the time – was suspended on full pay as soon as complaints started to be made about her. The General Medical Council has ruled that Puvaneswary Markandoo will only be able to work in the NHS in the future if she undergoes further training and tighter supervision. She was banned from ever working in the private sector. In a statement by Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust they stated that they had “worked hard to ensure that these matters have been dealt with as quickly and reasonably as possible.”

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