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Suspended sentence for man who made false personal injury claim

A man from Leeds has been given a two-year suspended prison sentence after attempting to claim over £600,000 for an accident he didn’t have.

Ryan Kirk, 24, claimed to dislocate his knee by smashing it on a BT junction box after tripping on a broken paving stone. However, it later emerged that he had caused the personal injury himself by kicking the box after a fight.

It was Kirk’s father who filed the £617,000 compensation claim to Leeds City Council in October 2002. Although the claim looked like it was going to go ahead, further investigation, including evidence from the A&E department and audio from his 999 call showed that Kirk had told staff his injuries were caused by himself.

Kirk admitted to lying in June this year and was charged with attempting to obtain property by deception. His father was arrested and later cleared as there was no evidence to suggest he was involved in the plan.

Judge MacGill, sentencing Kirk said: “Local authorities are besieged with tripping claims. It’s a blight on their economy as very substantial amounts of money have to be paid out… These claims are a blight on the public purse.”

Kirk was also given 240 hours of community service work and ordered to pay £10,832 in costs to Leeds City Council.

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