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TA Soldier Sues Army after Cycling Accident in Training

A former TA soldier is reported to have sued the army after she was injured in a cycling accident during training.

Joanne Lilley was with the Territorial Army training for a tour of Afghanistan when the accident happened. They were on a training exercise at Ascension Island. The island is a British territory in the South Atlantic Ocean some 4,400 miles away from England.

Part of the training on the island involved a bike ride. However, whilst on the bike, Joanne lost control whilst going around a corner and fell off. She had not been provided with a helmet and hit her head on the ground.

The head injuries she suffered in the incident have caused her to be discharged from the TA and will affect her for the rest of her life. Her short term memory and concentration have been affected, and she now has difficulty with speech. She has also partially lost her sense of smell, and her senses of taste and hearing.

The Evening Chronicle reports that Joanne has now successfully claimed compensation for the negligence of the military. Her legal team argued that her injuries would not have been sustained (or would have been drastically diminished) had she been provided with a helmet.

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