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Teaching Assistant Wins Work Accident Compensation after Being Hit by Falling Climbing Frame

A teaching assistant from Worcestershire has won her work accident compensation claim after being hit by a falling climbing frame. The 49 year old was pulling out the climbing frame – which is attached to a wall – in the school sports hall. A large metal bar from the frame fell and was grabbed by Ms Belcher to protect the children underneath.

Ms Belcher suffered whiplash injuries and severe bruising and was unable to go back to work for seven weeks. Everyone is sure that her heroics saved the young children she was working with from suffering serious injuries.

A spokesman for the union Unison said; “This accident must have come as a shock to Julie and if it wasn’t for her quick thinking and selflessness some of the children may not have survived.”

Julie herself said of the incident; “I had six young children pulling out the equipment with me, who would have died if it had fallen on them.”

Ms Belcher is still suffering from the accident and is waiting to have surgery on her injuries. The claim for compensation was made against the company who were contracted to secure the climbing frame to the wall.

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