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Teaching Union Defends £20 million Awarded to Teachers in Personal Injury Compensation

The NASUWT has defended the decision to award teachers £20 million pounds in personal injury compensation in the last year.

Figures just released have revealed the extent of insurance payouts awarded to teachers for accidents at work. These include one teacher receiving £80,000 for slipping in mud on school grounds. The said teacher severely injured her hip and back and was later forced to retire through her injuries.

Another teacher from West Sussex successfully claimed £173,000 after slipping in the playground and dislocating her right ankle, while another teacher received £40,000 after suffering a crushed wrist when a door blew shut onto it.

The largest payout to a teacher was £280,000 in criminal assault compensation. This however was paid by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority after a teacher suffered a serious assault at the hands of a 13 year old pupil. The teacher was working at a school for troubled teenagers when she was attacked by a pupil who jumped on her back and put her into a headlock forcing her to the ground. She injured her back and head during the incident.

The teaching union NASUWT has defended the amount awarded in these figures by claiming schools should be doing more to protect the safety of teachers. Their general secretary Chris Keates said; “It is of deep concern that many of the claims could have been avoided if employers at school and local authority level abided by their statutory duties and responsibilities.”

The personal injury compensation is paid out by insurance companies and not by the schools or local authorities directly.

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