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Teenage Drivers more Likely to Cause Road Traffic Accident Claims

Figures released recently show that teenage drivers – in the 17 to 18 year old age bracket – are six times more likely to have a car accident than older drivers. These accidents are likely to result in road traffic accident claims due to the increased speed young drivers tend to drive at. The figures incline to show a direct correlation between the age of the driver and the likelihood of them having a crash. Admiral insurance company reported that the 17 and 18 year old drivers were twice as likely as drivers in their 30s to have an accident, three times as likely as those in their 40s and six times as likely as those in their 50s.

Ten percent of 17 and 18 year old motorists have been involved in an accident, with the average cost to their insurance company above average too. The average cost for the teenagers was reported to be £3,500, where as the average cost to other motorists was just £1,741. From these figures the insurance company deduced that younger motorists are more reckless drivers, drive at higher speeds and therefore suffer more serious accidents. These serious accidents are likely to cause more road traffic accident claims.

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