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Teenage Scooter Accident Victim Seeking £3 million in Spinal Injury Compensation

A teenager who suffered serious injuries in a motor scooter crash is seeking £3 million pounds in spinal injury compensation.

Ben Woodham was travelling on the scooter along the A143 in Suffolk when the accident happened in the autumn of 2007 the Bury Free Press is reporting. A Mercedes minibus driven by a Ms Sarah Turner allegedly pulled out of a side road into his path and they collided. Ben was thrown off the bike onto the windscreen and bonnet of the minibus and suffered devastating injuries.

He fractured his spine in the accident and underwent surgery followed by treatment at the National Spinal Injuries centre in Stoke Manderville. Unfortunately he has been left paralysed from the chest down. He also suffered head injuries in the accident.

A writ has now been issued at the High Court in London stating the intention of Mr Woodham to seek compensation for his injuries. The insurers of the minibus have denied liability for the incident so far, and hence the writ has been issued in order to decide who is responsible for the crash. In the writ it claims Ms Turner failed to wait until it was safe to make her manoeuvre.

Mr Woodham is seeking compensation up to £3 million. The money would be used to help him rebuild his life after the devastating injuries he has suffered.

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